Adam Scott Clothing

Adam Scott Clothing

Looking for a Christmas gift? Or would you like to support our lions by wearing green and white? Here’s your chance to buy school clothing! By clicking on the links below and entering the coed for each clothing item, you will be able to preview the items we are selling. If you are interested in any of them you can try on sizes in the foyer at lunch, or go to room 111 and speak to Ms. Stewart. 

Hoodies: - 98211(Women)    Both Forest Green and have
        - 18211 (Men) Adam Scott Logo for $70.00

Hat:  - FP513  Double striped Beanie with PomPom. white/black and green logo $14.00

Scarf   -FP659  Scarf with 3 contrasting stripes. black/white and green logo $14.00

Shirts    -PC61LS(Men)   Long sleeve (port&company) white and green logo  Sizes S-XL: $14.00  

Shirts -LT103 (Women)  Active Cotton Sweetheart Tee, Short Sleeve Black with white Adam Scott logo. $18.00

Pants    -1820 Gildan Track pants- Unisex, grey. Adam Scott logo Green $19.00