EQAO Help for Literacy Test

A number of resources will be helpful as your school prepares for the OSSLT on April 8, 2010. 

These materials are now available in the “Educator Resources” section of EQAO’s Web site, www.eqao.com.

The Framework describes the assessment and explains how it relates to The Ontario Curriculum.
Administering the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test provides detailed steps for teachers and principals (New version: January 28, 2010).
The Guide for Accommodations, Special Provisions, Deferrals and Exemptions describes policy and procedures for students with special education needs, English language learners and special circumstances (New version: January 28, 2010).
The Planning and Preparation Guide describes the reading and writing skills assessed and the kinds of questions that will appear on the assessment; the guide provides sample test materials and tips for preparing students prior to the test (New version: February 9, 2010).
The Getting Ready Guide provides students with details about test content, instructions for writing the test and tips for doing well (New version: February 9, 2010).
The Sample Test with Student Answer Sheet is an example of what to expect in the upcoming test. 
The Released 2009 OSSLT Items with Answer Key and Scoring Guides set out all operational test questions and multiple-choice answers, and provide the scoring guides used for the 2009 test.
The Characteristics of Successful and Unsuccessful Student Performance on the OSSLT assist educators in helping unsuccessful students understand what “getting better” at literacy looks like.

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